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Thread: Anyone heard anything bad about...

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    Question Anyone heard anything bad about...

    Skip White's engine stuff. Am really thinking of building me a 383 torque monster. Prices on a change over to an LS motor and all that that entails don't impress me. If I'd pick up a junk yard dog motor I'd want to go thru it, same on a LT-1 motor. So I might just build me a 383 on my 1972 350 engine. Put in a Comp Cams retro roller cam/lifters/springs, etc. And aluminum 64 cc heads --should have 9.75 compression. Would pull 300 ft lbs from 1300 RPM theu 5800 RPM with peak of about 450 ft. lbs at 3000 RPM & 435 ft lbs at 3500 RPM. Total prices would be a lot less going that way.

    Any one have a yea or ? on Skip Whites stuff?

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    Skip White's stuff is price leader stuff. Most if not all is made in China. Just about any other choice is better.

    If you are talking about buying the heads please move on to something else. You'll be glad you did.


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