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Thread: Classic Performance Products Inc

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    I have run the 500 box and their 4 wheel disc kit on my 65 olds for past 10 years got about 70k on both. Been real happy with them. But the bearings they supply are cheap junk I recommend you replace them from the start with good USA parts. I also agree that customer service is lacking.

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    I bought this kit a few years ago. http://www.classicperform.com/Store/...57SWBK-D12.htm
    I asked how much it set the wheels out and was told 3/8". I measured carefully on both sides and after installing I came up with 5/8". More than I wanted. When I bought wheels, I ordered with 1/4" more offset to makeup. The biggest problem I had was the calipers, D52's, had the hose come out in the wrong location for a trifive and the hoses that came with the kit were too long and just no way to make the extra hose stay put and not get into the wheel. After a couple hundred miles I noticed one of the hoses was being cut by the edge of the wheel. I got new calipers with the hose coming out in a different place (can't remember what they fit) and ordered hoses made to fit with the ends I needed from Inline Tube. The other minor problem was one of the spindles had not been drilled deep enough where the tie rod end goes in and had to ream it a little to get the tie rod to go in deep enough to get the nut far enough for the cotter pin. After this, I have put maybe 2,000 miles on the car and it stops great using a dual 8" booster.
    I also ordered 500 steering box from their ebay store when it was on sale cheaper than normal and came with a free rag joint. After a couple of weeks the box came and no rag joint. I had to call them and in about 10 more days I got the rag joint. I am happy with the box, but if I had it to do over, I would get the short version of the rag joint they have now. Mine was one that everything was a little too tight for the standard rag joint.
    I think some of their tech articles are pretty good.
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    I recently installed one of their front sway bar kits. The installation instructions were terrible. Fortunately, got it figured out. The 2 supplied bolts for the brackets (that were not mentioned in the instructions) were too long and interfered with the ball joints and had to be replaced with shorter ones.

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