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Thread: Oil & Gas Collectibles will take over your life. Just a warning!

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    Oil & Gas Collectibles will take over your life. Just a warning!

    In my old house things were becoming a little crammed as I was starting to collect oil and gas while stuffing it all inside a 24 x 24 garage next to my 55 Chev.

    It wasn't long before I had more stuff than I could hang. So I started looking for a new place with some more room for my growing collection.

    Then I started buying more pumps. This pic is from a trip through Washington in May 14. I do this 2-3 times a year now.

    So it quickly became time to move to a bigger place and I bought an acreage south of Calgary. Five acres with a ranch bungalow and two 800 square foot heated garages.

    This is one of my 2 garages used to store my pumps and such. I had to add some branding to the outside.

    In June I started moving into the new place and began collecting even more pumps. Off loading the first couple groups.

    Before long the garage started filling up with my Oil & Gas collectibles. This was the start of the Red Indian section.

    Another Canadian brand that I collect is Red Head

    This was while my wife was still able to park in the garage. Isn't that way anymore. (lol)

    The second side before I started hanging more stuff on the walls.

    Some of the Purity 99 stuff filling in the other side quite nicely.

    Can, Pumps and Porcelain signs make for a great looking garage don't they?

    Then I added more Red Head into the equation. Pumps between the bays. (lol)

    Some of my globes mounted in my office. There's plenty more where these are now.

    Now that I have sold my 55, there's a little more room in the first shop. The second shop is home to my 55 truck project and that should be restored in another year or two. It's also half full of pumps that I am in the midst of restoring, and there's also a few of them inside the house. I love collecting oil and gas. And yes...I am an addict. (lol)
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    Pretty cool stuff. Is there a big market for restored pumps and such? I can't see myself getting interested in it, but I'm amazed at how much of that stuff is still out there. Also surprised you sold your 55 after all that work on it.
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    Really NICE Stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing


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    Huge market for Oil & Gas collectibles. If I restored 20 pumps a year, I could sell all 20 with zero effort, but in reality I keep most of them.

    Like cars though, I like building and restoring them, but never get attached to them so if the right offer comes along, say goodbye.

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    very cool stuff, looking good. luv all of it, but it is not cheap around here if you can find it. yup (like all of us), collecting can be additive.
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