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Thread: Post Your Favorite Easy Shop Tips!

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    Here it is on the front. The cherry picker was my 3rd welding project way back in 1990. I took the dimensions from an OTC one at work, and used bigger/thicker steel on everything, along with a 8 ton jack instead of the usual 3 ton. Have used it many times, even lifted a 1100 pound tire machine a few times. Breaks down easy to load it in my truck too. I could have just bought one for less, but it was a good learning project, and 1 trip to ER for a piece of metal in my eye when I should have been using a face shield for grinding, instead of safety glasses.
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    RD , that is a lot like mine that I built in HS metal shop. At that time about the only game in town for a hoist was Walker and they were $800. You could buy a decent Trifive for that kind of money. Walker only sold 1500 pound long jacks over the counter, two of mu buddies bought them, I opted for a cheaper 5 ton Walker short jack and 20 years ago changed to a long 8 ton. I made a lot of Beer money loaning that thing out in the 70s.

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