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Thread: First Drive

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    Al, great photos of a super subject.. (only one of the photos - the one of the car itself - was 'upside down'..).. Forgive me for taking some liberties with it and reposting..
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    First Drive

    As an observation; one of the above pictures of the engine (it is running in this picture) and is taken from the rear of the and it shows the back of the distributor. FI cars have a gear drive on the base of the distributor to drive the FI fuel pump. Looking at this picture you will see a tach drive on the rear of this distributor gear drive. This is some what unique in that this rear drive is connected to a cable that runs through the firewall and to the back of an AC Delco tach circa 1957, and I assume it was a factory or perhaps a dealer installed option. The base of the distributor is pined to the intake manifold and will not rotate. This locks the distributor base in position to connect the FI fuel pump drive pointed to the front of the engine. Timing adjustment is accomplished by a split in the distributor housing that has a clamp to hold the top it in place after the timing is set. This gear drive requires constant lubrication so looking at the picture you'll see a flexible SS hose from the oil port on the rear of the engine to the distributor gear drive. Factory installations had a hard line in lieu of the flexible line that I installed. This is one of a very few modifications that I've made to the original set up.

    The tach is screwed to the dash and located at the 4:00 position referenced from the steering wheel. This is not ideal and somewhat difficult to read. It is a little like an airplane instrument panel that has a shot-gun placement of instruments. It is usable but not ideal. Also there is no illumination in the tach so it is a day light operation system.
    I'll get some more pictures and post them now that I've learn how (sort of)...

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