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Thread: 56 Safari Wagon Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by 55chevysedanX4 View Post
    Hey how do you like your pot blaster and what size of compressor do you have?
    The pot blaster works great with the crushed glass and glass bead when you need to blast outside... I had some clogging issues using aluminum oxide, mostly because it didn't want to fall the to bottom inside the pot so I had to constantly shake it while blasting which became annoying. The brass valves and fittings on the media supply hoses are super cheap and wore out quickly, so plan on having some spare parts around for the hose/gun assembly.

    I use a 15CFM @ 125 PSI compressor, 80 gallons and it keeps up with both the pressure pot blaster and my cabinet blaster but does run the compressor constantly while blasting.

    I am planning to head out that way later this year, hopefully by the summer. My new job still isn't "official" yet, but hopefully that will change in the next few weeks. I'd definitely be down to help out as I will be right in that area. I'll be working in Denver when I'm not traveling but I'm looking to buy a place in Conifer. Every house I find in my price range sells almost immediately, so I'm probably going to be stuck renting an apartment for 6 months while I'm house hunting. I'll keep you posted

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    common problem with denvr area now. Houses are overpriced and sell fast. Definitely keep me posted as I have a basement apartment at my moms house and am converting my basement to an apartment as well.

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