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Thread: Nomad final assembly

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    GFY markm. You've never really "built" a car in your life. In fact, I've never seen anything you've ever built or fabbed yourself.

    My car is worth more unfinished than all of your junk put together.

    Another stupid comment from the troll who has not had a Classic car on the road in this century.

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    I've owned and driven a few classic cars this century, and currently own a 1950 Chevy 1.5 ton fire truck with only 2.5kmi, from my family's hometown in NW Kansas. My dad and grandpa bought 55's new when I was 2, and it was my first memory of any car. But I have never driven a 1955 Chevy yet. They both had the 2 different glacier blue color combos, which I plan to use the at least the glacier blue with ivory which wasn't an option. I hope to driving my 55 in less than 2 years too many, finished or not. Driving an actual old car/truck is an awesome experience that is hard to explain, and can be a blast even at 45mph with 85 horsepower. Zero fun parked in the shop all polished up though. Done that too many times already, taking care of it for the next owner.
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