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Thread: How difficult to add a 7.5" wheel width to the Wheel Calculators?

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    I've always wondered where are all of the disc brake choices are, that are 2 inches narrower than the Chevelle set-up that are such a better deal for the money?

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    They are only a better deal if you want or need them.

    The want and need is there for a lowered car. It doesn't take much lowering for a Chevelle disc setup to have problems with rubbing.

    There's only so much you can do with wheel offset unless you spend big $$ for billet wheels, and there's a practical limit there too. For instances most off the shelf 7" wheels have 4" backspacing (0 offset). 4.5" backspacing (0.5" negative offset) is special order or not available on many. 5" backspacing on a 7" wheel (1" negative offset) is achievable on a custom billet wheel if it has a "fat lip".

    If you don't care or don't know, then you don't need those choices either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevynut View Post
    I don't know who put the calculator together on this site but I don't like the drop-down menus that limit your inputs. The rear tire calculator allows you to select from the menu OR enter your own number, which is fine. But it would be great if the numbers were correct too (I may have provided some at the time ).

    I would like to see the 84-87 Corvette rear width set to 62.25" and the 88-96 rear set to 63.25".
    In front, the 84-87 width should be 61" and the 88-96 should be 62".

    The calculator should have wheel offset for an input and calculate backspacing, or vice versa.

    It would also be nice to be able to navigate from one tire calculator to the other without going back to "home".

    You can get the Excel version of the calculator here, which is what I gave the guy to work from on that site:


    I thought it was yours ?
    I will have to look back at my emails


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