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Thread: Generator light/alternator swap

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    Generator light/alternator swap

    My past Tri-fives were all non-power steering cars. My current '56 is factory power steering car. Stock 265, PG, Power brakes, Power steering, Factory A/C not on car, but have many parts to reinstall.

    Question 1: Generator Light off at idle, but goes on as RPM increases. I have polarized the regulator. Not sure what is the cause now.

    Question 2: With the power steering pump coming off the rear of the generator, how do you change to an alternator?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    My friend just did this on his 55 sedan delivery. He installed a 500 steering box and mounted p/s pump with brackets. He installed an alternator and brackets. Works fine.

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    As for your generator light coming on at higher RPMs, check all your connections and especially the grounding of the generator to the engine. To mount an alternator you just need to get a separate power steering pump and the brackets to match. Don't know what brackets would work with a stock 265.
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    I had this issue on my 56, it was a loose fitting bulkhead connection ay firewall.

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    Generator light won't go off

    The generator light has been coming on a lot and now constantly. It used to just come on when the idle was slow and went off at higher RPM. Now it is on all the time. The mechanic put a new belt on and still an issue. He had the generator checked and it was checked out to be okay. He put on a new regulator and still the problem exists. Any idea whassup?

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    Have you checked the brushes? and the springs.. clean up the mechanisms... and keep it oiled on the bushings in the ends...
    There's not very much to them to go wrong...


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