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Thread: Speedo jumps around. Think I need a new head. Any ideas on buying one new or used?

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    Speedo jumps around. Think I need a new head. Any ideas on buying one new or used?

    Looking to buy another speedo head on my 55 Belair. Any advice?

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    It might just be the cable. I'd take the center out and clean and lube it and see if it goes away.
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    I second CN's post.... most generally this is due to dried/hard/missing lubricant in the cable. Try lubing the cable with 'suspended graphite'... and see if it addresses the issue before you replace the speedo head...

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    If you need a new cable ATP sells a new one for a 72 Chevy 1/2 ton 2wd TH350 that fits perfect about $15, available at most parts stores.

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    Don't overlook the speedometer itself. Right where the cable goes in gets dry/gummy and seizes up and will trash a good cable. You can oil it the easy way from the outside, or take it all apart and do it right. Don't break the speedometer needle!


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