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Thread: Vetterodder's Nomad

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevynut View Post
    At least it doesn't have 15" Cragars or Torque Thrust wheels on it.

    What painted bumpers?

    "An in house fabricated engine compartment is the perfect berth for the all aluminum 409 that's been punched out to a 515. According to Tyler, it's a screaming machine putting out about 650hp".
    True why waste good stuff on a gangbanger ride/

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevynut View Post
    I was estimating the cost of the BUILD, and had no idea what you paid for it originally. I paid $550 for my Nomad as a driver, so the cost of that is in the "noise".

    Are you saying my estimate of $246K-291K is "six figures off"? Most of the cost of building a car at a shop is labor. I have no idea what their labor rate is, but I included bodywork, paint, and interior in the parts cost. I'm sure I left a lot of parts out of the list so it's probably over $111K.

    Why don't you tell us what it actually cost and break it down a little so we understand where the cost is?
    Just tipped the scale at about $200K all in......
    While this seems high to many, it may seem low to others. So when you compare this build to the Kingdig build at well over 2x my build, I am very content with my Nomad. Not to take away from that build but theirs is very custom whereas we kept our modifications light.
    No shortcuts were taken. However, careful planning and sourcing of parts was essential to keep the tab reasonable (if there is such a thing in a any build). While Joe sourced items, he allowed me to hunt parts down to save on my invoices. Again, to do that, we had to have a design/vision/build plan so that we knew what we needed ahead of the build - that saved a lot of time. It also speaks volume about Joe's craftsmanship and efficiency in getting the Nomad back into shape in short order.

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