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Thread: poor me !

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    So, you have my curiosity....who WAS the first US president? I don't think it was a trick question. I don't have to answer any questions before I post, so maybe it's because you have so few posts and they want to make sure you're not a BOT/spammer.
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    I get what he is talking about because I have got the same crap the last couple weeks. The other question is what was the first full year of 55 Chevy, I guessed 56 and was wrong.

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    WTF, it's worse than I thought I am not even listed as a member.

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    john hansan . some say he was some say he wasn't. he was president of the constitutional congress . but these 2 stupid questions are getting irritating . plus in a day or so i'll be logged out then have to jump through hoops to log back on .

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    Hey you new guys are all welcome on this site. Just one rule here though...you have to contribute (please) with Tri5 build quesitons, solutions, what worked for you, etc.
    Otherwise this just becomes another faction of Congress (mutual debating society that never gets anything accomplished).

    So fire away on this Chit Chat forum, but remember to PLEASE POST on the other forum sections regarding your car builds and remember PICTURES are worth a thousand words.
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    Geez, this is getting weird.

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    I'm here to learn

    but teaching an old dog new tricks, is rough.

    I like the attitude here, and lack of BS .
    I'll try to add valuable info, and avoid the drama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shine View Post
    this is the same stupid crap that run people off most sites. on the site i moderated you would find a updated password. nothing specific just rambling bs .

    You are one of the 3 That I see that you have not finish your sign up

    Look at the Picture

    I also email all 3 of you & email you the Activation Code to finish
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