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Thread: Dual Quad Question

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    Dual Quad Question

    Hi guys:

    I have a question. I am building a 283 for my '55 2-door wagon. I will be running an edelbrock 2-four intake. My question is to break in. I don't want to fiddle with setting up the carbs when I initially fire the motor and run it to break in. Can I close off one of the carb openings with a steel plate and break the motor in off of just one carb? Then once broken in, set up the dual quad intake?

    The alternative is to fire it up with a single 4 intake, break it in and then switch intakes on the car. Thats a bit of a nuisance. Try-Five friend says close off the openings and use 2 four manifold, Machine Shop says switch intakes.

    Thoughts guys?


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    No need to block off one of the carb mounting flanges. Just don't hook up the linkage to one of them.

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    I have no experience with a dual carb setup, so I'm asking a newbie kind of theory/question here:
    Running 1 carb (on a manifold designed for 2 with the other one capped off) means the fuel source is closer to either the front 4 cylinders, or the back 4 cylinders.
    Does that affect equal distribution of fuel as each intake valve sucks the air/fuel mixture in? And does that unequal distribution mean one set of the 4 cylinders runs a bit leaner than the other 4 because its farther away?
    And would that screw things up when breaking in an engine?
    Just thinking it through without having any practical experience here...
    Would hate to see you blow your engine up due to lean situation on some cylinders.
    Common sense tells me to switch to the single carb manifold for the break in period, because it's sitting dead center over the middle of the engine...so maybe air/fuel distribution is more equal to all cylinders?

    Call me right or wrong here guys...who's got the answers?
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