Hello Gentlemen:

I need your expertise.

Its time to install the belt line moldings and roofline moldings on my 210 wagon. I need the right molding clips.

I can find replacement clips through Danchuk and via eBay. However, they require drilling 1/8" holes for sheet metal screws. I am not inclined to do that. I can find the push in clips for the belt line molding but nothing for the roofline. I thought about just doubling up the belt line clips but I can see that the roofline moldings from the door back are round not oval. Thus a different type of clip. So a clip set is pretty varied with at least three types of clips.
Of course I ordered the replacement kit by mistake from Danchuk.

So, do I keep the new kit and just drill the 1/8" holes where necessary. or

Do I use the original type clips? And if so where do I find them? I can only seem to see belt line clips offered.

I am clipped out!

Thanks as always.

Thanks, S