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Thread: LT4 into 57

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    Never heard reports of heat issues, but in todays world I would not waste my time building one when 350 4 bolt blocks are so cheap and available. Watch it Rick you don't want to sound like our good buddy CNC Blocks.

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    Markm, I agree with you 100%. I just put this old 307 together years ago since it was in the corner of the garage. I had the crank turned since it can be used in a 327. The block had little wear in it so I had it tanked, the cylinders honed and new cam bearings installed. I put new main and rod bearings in it and a set of cast iron rings. I had the double hump heads redone and they can be used on another motor. I did it to have something to put in the car to move it around and drive while I get the body in shape. I the block would have required reboring and new pistons it would have gone in the junk pile. I think I will still wind up with Gen II LT4 in the car. If not that then it will be a crate engine.

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