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Thread: Cold air and cold tires don't mix

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    Quote Originally Posted by 55 Tony View Post
    They are worn down to near zero tread, well into the wear bars, and they aren't hard like plastic in the cold. And I don't think they are old enough to have hardened, maybe 3 years? Actually ever since I did burnouts at the track, after any little tire spinning I hear them picking up and flinging little stones.
    you can check the tire manufacturer's codes on the sidewall of the tires to see the month/year they were manufactured...

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    Nothing new here for me, had this all figured out by the time I finished HS. Here is a newsflash for you if you have enough HP you can melt slicks on asphalt even in the summer. Slicks need a properly prepped track to work.
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    Well damn I guessed close, 0115 date code

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