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Thread: 55 Project Rewind-Found a Great 55 210 AZ body shell for $1800!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 55 Rescue Dog View Post
    These 1/2 inch reinforced holes on top of the cowl look like factory lift points above the hood hinge, since they end up with rubber plugs in them. Looks the perfect place for eyebolts.
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    The hood hinge holes/threaded inserts seem to be resident and intact and with a simple 2x2x1/4 angle brkt and top hole for a hook & chain up to a spreader bar. I feel as though the Eye Bolt would distort or not do well.

    lift eye.jpg
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    I agree with NCW on that one; I would not use the holes on top of the cowl for fear of distorting the metal.. The attachment points recommended by NCW are better..

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    I think you could use a flat bar instead of angle there too. Depends on what you have.

    Like the others I'd be worried about distortion in the area of the 1/2" holes if they were used.

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    The hood henge bolt holes are easier to use and way stronger. That hole on top may have been an alignment hole for the front end.

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    Nice looking project. Looks like a steel for the price! I really like the smoothed out firewall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hurddawg View Post
    Nice looking project. Looks like a steel for the price! I really like the smoothed out firewall.
    Thanks. I have a long way to go. The body is great, but still has a few issues, and it is way better than my other one. The quarters are a little wavy where welded, and I wished it still had drip rails, but I'll deal with it. Making a lift crossbeam for it now to start for being able to incrementally move it up and down with a cherry picker, for rolling the chassis under it for a start so I can at least move it as needed. I plan to set it up to lift the chassis up to the body, instead of the easier way. Wish I a had a asymmetrical lift, but I won't. Buying another "distraction project" doesn't help either with my new 1950 fire truck with only 2370 miles, and not running, no brakes, but it's an amazing vehicle with history.
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