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Thread: New Show on Discovery

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    New Show on Discovery

    I was contacted by the casting director on a new Discovery car series. It's a lot like antique road show, but only for cars and auto memorabilia.

    They are in the very final week of casting and need a few memorabilia owners who'd like to show off their collection, and have it appraised on the show. This is very time sensitive.

    "We are seeking car owners with antique car items, auto memorabilia, etc for a new series on Discovery. In short, it's a bit like "Antiques Road Show" but just with cars.
    PLEASE NOTE: The STORY of the item is more important than condition or value for Discovery.. we're telling the story of your item, and it's importance to automotive history... so if it's a little beat up, we do NOT need perfect, restored items.
    Interested parties (if selected) would have an all-expense paid trip, plus safe insured shipping of their item to Los Angeles to appear on the show, and be appraised by individuals that are eminently qualified to do so."

    Michael Yates
    Casting Director/Producer
    310-691-0911 (C)

    Click below for Application:
    "Note, it does specify barn find cars, but I ASSURE YOU, we are now only seeking interesting, rare or valuable car memorabilia."

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    wow.. that's interesting, but sounds like a show that is only going to last an episode or two.. Maybe I should contact them about the set of TA70 magnesium wheels I have; pretty rare from my understanding...

    Viewers would probably also love to hear about some of the unusual 'accessories' offered by GM and other mfgers during the 40's and 50's.. vacuum ash trays (anyone got an NOS one?), shavers, etc..
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    I've been wondering what these are worth. The champion lights up also but doesn't reach the outlet right now. One of these days I'll pull the second hand and paint it.
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    I do like antique road show, will be looking forward to this one too I'm sure. thanks for info.
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