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Thread: Construction of a New Texaco station 1953

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    Construction of a New Texaco station 1953

    Thought this was neat ,

    Look how hard they had to do it back then .

    Thanks Sid


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    Thanks for posting this, I enjoy seeing this stuff and always looking for old films. Amazon has some car films on right now that are pretty good too.

    Besides the men that were getting their jobs done, one of the things that you have to notice is that everyone was sort of relaxed and at ease. The gas jockey and the man getting his Ford fueled and serviced at the end are a very good example. You don't see that much any more - I know I feel rushed about everything it seems, even when I try to slow things down a bit.

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    One thing that was the same then and now is the concrete pouring. The concrete truck was amazingly the same, as was the manual finishing. The other thing that was the same was the electric polisher. They are better now but the form and function is the same. Difference of course is you won't see anyone polishing paint at a gas station today.

    Today they can put up a gas station building in a day or two. That one took weeks I'm sure.

    And the construction boss doesn't wear a tie. Jeans and cowboy boots and drives an F250 4WD King Ranch.

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    At one time or another in my life, being basically poor/cheap and wanting to save $$, I've done most of those jobs.. but I've never sawed a cinder block with a manual saw..

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    Bama I don't think he was sawing the cinder block. I think he was using it as a sawhorse. Did anybody notice there were only white guys working on the job? Man those guys were working hard.

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    Bamanomad, me too. They were real craftsmen back then. None of that prefab stuff, rigid conduit, hand benders, no pvc, no premade trusses, no power cement finishers, and not even power saws. Yes, I too did most of it. Not as a journeyman, but as a grunt untill I became an Electrician!! Then, I spent 40 years wiring anything from homes to Nuke power houses and hydro dams, gas fired and coal fired energy plants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
    Did anybody notice there were only white guys working on the job?
    Yeah back then they did the work that Mexicans didn't want to do.
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    Those were the hard working people that made America great in the first place. Nobody checking their Facebook page or their Twitter account, and no worries about illegals getting taken away because ICE raided the construction site.
    Dave, from the old neighborhood in Jersey!

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    thanks for the video Sid, love watching the old way of doing things. I had concrete driveway and work pads poured at the end of last summer, 11 truck loads , watching those guys hustle and doing a great job is just amazing, I helped where I could, made sure they had cold drinks and fired up the BBQ and made them lunch, that is one job I have no desire to even attempt, truly back breaking work

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    good old days, i remember hearing the bell go off as you drove over the hose when you pulled in. .
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