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Thread: Wiring

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    There are lot's of good options out there for wiring, but I just wanted to add that for troubleshooting, that is one advantage of the Ron Francis panels. There is a screw terminal power strip with every circuit after every fuse, and relay, making a convenient place to make voltage/ohm checks on each circuit. One thing I want to get for my next wiring project is a good label maker for unmarked wires. The better descriptors you can put on wires, and drawings, etc., the better from my experience. Just don't use wire numbers 6 and 9. Even though Francis wiring wasn't the greatest of friendly customer service, or pricing, they have a lot of interesting options, and they did help me. I was able to make turn signal circuit using only 3 wires to a simple toggle switch using their relay panel, plus I have 4-way flashers, and a 3rd brake light. I also have an engine kill switch on the console that can be hit from the driver, or passenger seat. And an easy to reach battery disconnect behind the driver seat under the fire extinguisher in the lower B pillar area. Another tip is to always verify you have a good ground to everything.

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    I had good luck with a kit from Affordable Street Rods in Great Bend Ks when I did my Dads 46 Chevy pickup.

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