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Thread: TX Antique Auto Tags

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    TX Antique Auto Tags

    I got the new license plates for my two Trifives yesterday. We get a break on the price but we are limited on how we drive them. At least 25 years old, $10 per year (registered for 5 years at a time), considered collectors' items, driven ONLY for events and vehicle maintenance. But I have never been asked by a cop where I was going.

    Thank goodness the plates no longer have a picture of an old car. Everyone I know didn't like the picture. Here is a picture of the old tags.

    antique tags.jpg

    The new tags look pretty normal. it just says Antique Auto on the bottom. It is interesting that both cars have the same number except for a different letter suffix.

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    Does your state allow year of car tags on old cars.

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    In Alabama, we used to have 'Antique Auto' tags for cars driven special situations only and 25 yrs old. One time fee of $10 and no annual renewal or anymore taxes to pay.

    but back in the late 90's, the state legislators 'redefined' what 'Lifetime' meant, and did away with the Antique tags, and went with a 'Vintage Auto' tag that to purchase one for $30 lifetime, meant that the car had to be 30 yrs old to qualify (and standard restrictions on usage). They encouraged everyone with an 'Antique' tag to bring it in and exchange it for a Vintage tag... Unfortunately, when they did this I owned 3 cars ('69 Corvette, 69 Z28, and 70 Mach I) that were over 25 yrs old, I'd already purchased the Antique tags, BUT they weren't yet 30 yrs old! (So I never exchanged them)..

    Funny how our legislators can *redefine* common terms (like Lifetime), but also can't do (or consider) basic math... or did they just ignore all the cars they'd sold Antique tags for which weren't yet 30 yrs old??

    and Now in Alabama (and probably other states), they *register* cars based on the new (relatively) Federal requirement for 17 digit VIN numbers, totally ignoring all the older cars that don't have 17 digit federal VIN and which weren't aware of all the 90's restrictions on which letters/numbers can be in which location in the VIN... thus when we register our Oakland-built Trifive, they won't allow the letter 'O' in the 5th location (replacing the letter 'O' with the numeral '0' which makes meaningless the uniqueness of the originally assigned VIN... and not even *thinking* that the reason for outlawing 'O' in new cars VIN, that was an attempt to prevent confusion between letter O and number 0...

    Oh HOW do we elect such people, and hire such administrators into the government offices???????

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    I think Texas has both "classic" and "antique" registrations, with different restrictions and requirements. Year of manufacture plates can be used. They also have requirements for street rods and replica kit cars.

    driven ONLY for events and vehicle maintenance
    You could say that any time you drive it, it's an event. LOL

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    I wonder if there could be a legal problem if someone got hurt in an accident and it was obvious that the car was just out for a Sunday drive.

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    Texas does have year of manufacture plates. I have them on my 54 Olds. Up until this year they required a safety inspection which has not been a big deal. I drive in and show them my insurance and they put a sticker on the windshield. The cost is only $7.50 since there is no emission test. Now I understand we can register the YOM plates as antique for 5 years. I worry more about my collector car insurance if something happened. Most cops are going to like the car and would not give a ticket.

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    Lee, we have to carry liability insurance on cars registered as 'antique cars' here in Texas. No requirement for annual vehicle inspection, though. Here is some info on that from Texas DMV......


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