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Thread: spark plugs

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    spark plugs

    Have a hipo 283--little over 300 h.p.--time for a spark plug change--Had to replace the AC R45S plugs with NGK BR6S plugs last time because I couldn't find the AC's where I was at---ran fine but is the 45s teh way to go or just stick with the NGK--1.5 pistons and early power pack heads--had a plug problem on the road is why I have NGK in there now---is there a better heat range I should use--3.70 rear gears--not a whole lot of driving but high rpms at times---thanks

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    The R45S and the BR6S are pretty much the same heat range. It's a pretty hot plug. That's probably fine for cruising but if you're going to be on the throttle much a 44S or BR7S might make more sense. Each are one step colder. On the other hand a hot plug will resist fouling a bit better.


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