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Thread: My son-in-law's new ride...

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    My son-in-law's new ride...

    My son in law came over this afternoon to help me with my exhaust work, and drove in wtih a new vehicle (to him and me)... It's a 1990 SS454 Chevy truck with 22K miles on it. I'm not a fan of 'black' or SS454 trucks, but this is a real nice one... looks like new! I thought some of you might like seeing what a 'new' one looks like..
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    looks like a nice one, big fan of all SS Chevy's (especially Camaros from the past).
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    I had a 1990 454 SS I bought in 92 with 10kmi on it for I think $13.5k. It was a fun truck in the day, and I had given it a 4/6 inch drop too. Had good power to 4500 rpm, and was only rated for like 270HP, but it felt fast for the times. Did great burnouts, but I always had to reset the rear only ABS system, after doing it. When on the brake pedal it spun the tires like it had a line lock. I wish they still made the 275/60-15 BFG Comp T/A's they used. I also ran a straight single 3 inch pipe off of the cat, which had a nice very unique sound to it. Always got 9mpg no matter what, with the 3.73 gear behind the turbo 400. The later ones to 1993 with the L480 4 speed and a 4.10 rear weren't any better for mileage, but probably felt quicker off the line.
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    Nice ride! Love the big block engines. Just think what it would do with a warmed over 502 and one of the newer 6-speed, 8-speed or even 10-speed transmissions that are coming out now?

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    The only 88 up truck I ever liked.


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