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Thread: Wiring at Starter - I am becoming stupider by the Minute

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    Thank you guys. I can see it now.

    I was actually looking at NickP's diagram in the 73 Shop manual and just couldn't see it. However the dialogue on this thread cleared it up.

    I also want to say, last year was a bad year, almost died, 7 surgeries, all that fun stuff. Still recovering or maybe just not as sharp - dont know. What I do know is that when I have needed help and made a post here, someone has always lent a hand.

    And for that I say simply thanks I appreciate it.



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    Sometimes you just need a nudge that says you're going the right way or someone pointing out what you can't see. Has nothing to do with not being sharp.

    Sounds like you're overcoming your health troubles if you're working on the car. Best to you.
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