We got the tube frame Corvette out last night and made a couple of laps.

First shot was intended to be a 60 foot hit but the car left pretty good and felt okay so he kept his foot in it until the first cone (about 80 foot from finish line). Scored a 5.73 @ 106. We were pretty happy with that as that was quicker than the previous owner's big block/blower passes.

Second shot was screwed up. We over-heated the slicks and the car was moving around a lot on the leave. He let it hit high gear then abandoned the pass so it was something in the 7 second range. Bad news is that the brand new FTI trans was moving up over 220+ degrees which is not a good sign. The trans cooler is in the side compartment so we are going to make a major chance to that situation so that we can keep the temp under better control.