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Thread: Hello from Michigan

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    Hello from Michigan

    Hello, I'm a new member from Michigan. I am considering the build of a '55 Bel Air convertible and joined this site to gather information about all things "Tri-Five". I am primarily a Corvette enthusiast but I like all automobiles. In considering such a build, what are the thoughts on either finding a true '55 convertible vs. possibly an aftermarket body/chassis by some of the restoration/replica companies? I would really like to build a classic looking '55 with a modern, more efficient and comfortable suspension and powertrain. What are the benefits of starting with an old car and reworking as oppose to starting from a clearn slate?



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    Welcome to the site Joseph. The issue I have with an aftermarket body is it's really not a "true tri5" and I think getting a VIN and titling it might have some issues. They used to use cowls from titled cars and build the body around them, but I don't think that's the case anymore. I'd check into titling issues before I dove in. That said, it sure would save work if the cost is palatable. Part of it is whether you have the resources and skills to rebuild an original body.

    As far as upgraded suspensions, and since you like Corvettes, have you considered a C4 setup? See my links.
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    Thanks for the response. I understand about the VIN situation, and you are correct, it may not be a true '55, but I would consider a "replica" as long as I knew it was all fresh from stem to stern. Again, thanks for the feedback, It's the motivation I needed.

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    Welcome aboard, JThomas! Whichever way you decide to go with your '55 ragtop build, please keep us informed as to your progress.

    Happy Motoring,

    'G-d Bless The U.S.A.'...... Lee Greenwood......


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    Welcome. I find the best part of this hobby is to *enjoy the ride*.

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    hi Joseph and welcome. good to have you here.
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    drive and enjoy them while you work on them, life is to short.

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    57 truck

    Good morning! Brian from South Jersey 2 year frame off 57 Chevy truck and enjoying it for the first season...

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    Hi! Nice to meet you here! I hope we will be able to discuss a lot of interesting and essential details at the same time! Let's be on the same page!

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    Welcome and I look forward to hearing about what you decide but please consider this one thing. While replica stuff is nice and new and no rust or junk - saving an original Tri-Five makes you feel so much better plus you're being environmentally supportive by recycling 3500-4000 pounds of steel and iron.
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    The problem is your attitude about the problem.
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    There is an original 55 convertible for sale on facebook that you might be interested in. The picture he took before he started restoring it looked like it was an exceptionally clean California car. It is now all apart but painted. The price may seem high, but you have to add up what a car will cost with all the additions you plan for your car.

    If you go for the after market body minus front clip (19K?), you will need a conv parts car which could be (10-15K). Body and Paint work depends on the quality you want, and the upgrades you want will also add up quickly.

    This is his listing on facebook, which includes a 20K Morrison chassis, and many other desirable parts.

    "55 nomad California rust free car with art Morrison frame I will take $60,000 for it I have over $80,000 in it , I have almost everything to finish it minus running gear I have probably $50,000 in new parts it will make someone a nice car I have ton a pictures call me 540-556-5557"

    I called him for information and he sent pictures and this description

    "This is all original sheet metal California car that has all new ezi tinted glass minus windshield, all new intiour, brand new stainless headliner bows, billet dash chrome, Nos clock in box , 6 piece brass eyebrow chrome, American autowire kit, raingear wiper kit with delay, idit chrome tilt column, it has factory power window and power seat, billet tailgate hinges from mad Mooks, all the intiour chrome and rear brass gate triple chrome plated, rear complete nos bumper, ton of misc nos parts, Nos grill and nos grill molding, art Morrison frame with all high dollar upgrades big brakes polished wilwood calipers, ricks 22 gallon stainless tank with fuel pump in it, billet specialties wheels and bf goodrich tires, prc polish radiator and I know I miss some things I have boxes full of parts"

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