I'm a new member, I thought I'd see if there is anybody who would have a 1956 265 engine block they would sell. I looking for a block for my 1956 Corvette

I'm looking for block cast Part # 3720991 with Cast Date between E106 (May 10, 1956) and F96 (June 9, 1956). I'm looking for a block in these date ranges with a front engine stamp with the last 4 character code of F56F or F56G.

My corvette is a 225hp 2 4bbl original car I'm trying to restore. The car was built approximately June 16th 1956. If I can get one of these blocks I can stamp an additional letter and have a correct restoration engine for a corvette. (F56F add a G = F56FG stamp indicates a 225hp, with a powerglide trans, F56G add a R = F56GR is a 225hp with a three speed)I have almost all the rest of the engine parts.

I'm willing to purchase a block needing rebuilt (core), a short block or a complete engine.

I live in Eastern Oregon so would like to find one in the west but might consider getting one anywhere in the US if it looks like the right one.


Eric Twombly (Taildraggerdriver)