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Thread: torque converter street/strip

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    It didn't make sense until now, but the donor trans had 2 snap rings holding the one section in, I guess to take up the room for the missing thrust washer, so that's what I did. Yes I know, not real smart but I am learning.

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    Honestly for going through all this trouble, a soft kit would be the least I would do and now since I know you have Ron's book - it's a bible on Th400's - then you don't have any excuses. I usually put some trans fluid on the sealing rings and use a .010 feeler gauge. Just some light pressure and the sealing rings go right in. I also prefer the teflon seals to the cast iron ones but it's not a show stopper. Trans Fluid in a Windex bottle and petroleum jelly are your best friends during a rebuild. And yep, clearances can certainly be different on different cases but at least they are easy to correct in a TH400 unit.

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