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Thread: Interesting 1957 advertisement

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    Interesting 1957 advertisement

    I ran across an interesting ad at lunch today. I was looking thru an old Hot Rod magazine from Feb 1957. It was a Chevrolet ad on the inside cover of the magazine. I especially found the comments on the optional Turboglide trans, with a "hill retard" shifter position. I assume it was actually a downshift into second gear, but not sure. Any of you run across this before?


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    When I was looking for a 'used but good auto trans' for my first chevy (a 1960 Impala 2 dr HT), I found a couple of Turboglides in the junkyard, but my uncle told me to keep looking for a PG (that TG were no good !)... That's the limit of my experience with them, although I thought they were 2 speed like the PG.. but that is probably an assumption on my part...

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    thanks for sharing Richard, very neat.
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