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Thread: car shows

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    I would love to see more local car shows let the spectators that come see the cars pick the trophies. I have a car that draws a crowd, but they don't get to vote. I love talking all day to people, and the kids love it. They all want their picture taken next to #95.
    Original cars are the ones that are by far the best works of art, which is how they all start. Especially unrestored ones.
    My Camaro has won several awards already, and my original 2400 mile 1950 Chevy fire truck won best truck last weekend, patina and all.
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    From the mid '70's thru the mid-90's or so, I went to as many national shows as possible for two major reasons: 1) To participate as a judge, and 2) scour the parts area for things I needed!

    Judging with other qualified judges is the BEST way to learn, whether your interest be custom cars or original cars. It's unfortunate that such learning generally requires other qualified people who WANT to judge (mostly only occurs at National Events), whereas in local/regional shows it was difficult to even get enough people who were *willing* to judge, and the majority of the group to select from have never judged.

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    My friend was qualified to judge, at least for modified cars. Point is they didn't know or even ask qualifications because there were none other than breathing.

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    Original cars are not boring especially those with rare HP options. What bores me is big getto cruiser wheels, overhead consoles, crate motors and digital dashes.

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