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Thread: Conservatives and liberals

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    Conservatives and liberals

    This is a question I've wondered about for several decades, and am voicing it now for the first time.

    As everyone knows, when you are young it's very common to have a liberal point of view, and as you get a bit older it starts to fade into a more conservative stance. Get past that and into your late 50's the conservative side really starts to show it's presence. I would consider that as common as the ocean is blue. It even happened to myself and I remember having a totally different viewpoint in my younger years.

    What I'm wondering is what in the heck happened to some of these older confused people that can be seen in government and on tv??
    Is there some sort of genetic material missing in their makeup, and won't they ever grow up? They cause far more problems for the world than they ever help with. This question has even gotten me to get confused!!!

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    Those confused people may not be as confused as they are power hungry; willing to do anything (at all) to maintain their power?

    The following quotation, or variation thereof, has been attributed to many famous people over the ages, going back as far as the 1700's and John Adams...
    “If a person is not a liberal when he is twenty, he has no heart; if he is not a conservative when he is forty, he has no head."

    THere is some truth to that for sure...

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    There are some people who truly believe that we're all "equal" on this earth and that we all ought to be living and sharing everything just like bees and ants. They think everyone should work toward the good of the "colony" and we should share everything we earn, make, grow, etc. They truly believe that's the way life ought to be, and that we need a large government to control, manage, and enforce it. I've never believed that, even when young, and I just don't get it.

    So we have a struggle in this country, and probably in the world, as to how we ought to live and be governed. We're getting more polarized as time goes on and you can see the fighting beginning to escalate dramatically. I don't think anything is going to fix it, not even a "uniter" president because I don't believe we can be united anymore, so the end result will be a civil war. It's already started.
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    There are two main categories of old liberals. One is the ultra rich, people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, as well as the Hollywood elite and some athletes. They feel guilty about their wealth, so being liberal at least for public consumption is their defense. Some of these people have worked very hard for their wealth, others not so much.

    The other category of old liberal is those who depend on the government for their subsistence, either through handouts or making a living enabling or doing the handing out.

    A media liberal could be either or both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevynut View Post
    so the end result will be a civil war. It's already started.
    We are going to be in trouble if that happens, what with most of the old people on one side and most of the healthy young people on the other side.

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    Maybe so, but we conservatives can afford more bullets.

    The civil war likely won't have shots fired, as said it's already started. Hopefully we win some battles soon.

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    Solidsguy, I agree that this liberal versus conservative thing can be hard to fathom. Especially in an America where those on the far left have managed over the past 4 or 5 decades to divide Americans one against the other. 'Divide and conquer' you see, is a very old and (unfortunately) successful stratagem.

    I think you have to make a distinction between well meaning but misinformed liberals who typically vote Democrat at election time and the radical far left who now control that party and want nothing less than to destroy our nation......

    Just as you have to make a distinction between true conservatives and 'establishment' Republican politicians masquerading as conservatives at election time. The ones who say what they think their voter base wants to hear at election time same as Democrat politicians...... And like Democrat politicians, seldom follow through.

    Pondering all this really isn't necessary though, for this is the bottom line......

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world...... Those who love America and all that is just and right about her...... And those who hate America and all that is just and right about her.

    Once you figure out which one a person is...... Their actions (and inactions) are easily predictable.

    Hope this helps,

    'G-d Bless The U.S.A.'...... Lee Greenwood......


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    AMEN Harry

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    Exactly, Harry!


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