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Thread: 1956 Chevy Trans Mounts. Has Anyone Cut Them Off When Using Factory Frame?

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    1956 Chevy Trans Mounts. Has Anyone Cut Them Off When Using Factory Frame?

    Hey question about engine and trans mounts. But first remember this. The front of my 56 belair is a nova front end! 68 to 74 era or 3rd generation.

    Moving forward:::
    I should have decided on which way to go before I painted the frame. Yes I know/!$%^Oh well. Newbies!

    I have to decide now that I have my new upgraded suspension back on my glossy black frame..."What next step is. I need a block and trans mock up I think.

    Reason being is I bought the 56 which has a 68 to 74 Chevy Nova front end welded to the 56 frame. So strange thing is, the car is part NOVA. I think the trans mounts and the front mounts are no longer exact measure. But I don't know what the measurement would be in the first place. Even if I decided to keep the old set up.

    But, since I don't want to run with a trans 2 speed power glide, I really think I need a cross member mounting system to replace the bell housing mounts.

    I've chosen a 383 and 3 or 4 speed automatic. Should I cut the old trans mounts off where the bell housing attaches to the frame? (Transmission Side Mounts) Or leave them? Question. I don't think the trans that I get will have a way to connect at that factory Bell housing point anyway. Won't I need a cross member mount for sure for later model trans? And if leaving the old side mounts for trans...do they get in the way of anything?

    I keep thinking about a cross member that bolts up to the frame to carry the transmission. Something adjustable? Or would it be the case that when I have my new trans I can then weld the cross member in the exact spot...Which would be best? Bolt on type or a welded unit?

    Also I hear there are two types of front motor mounts. Remember it's a nova motor mounts in front. But I will need the rubber part that is molded to the metal that bolts to engine block. And I've heard these come in two variations? Or is it a matter of preference? One is lower and one is higher I think.

    Hope this is not too much to ask from you expert restoration builders out there. And thanks in advance.

    Recap: Cut the old side trans mounts off frame? Or leave them?

    Thanks for your help.
    ps. A friend suggested I use side mounts for motor. But I have a gear box sitting in the way I think. AS it is directly behind the drivers side front motor mount on a Chevy Nova. Any advice?

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    I'm not sure I understand how you're going to locate the engine fore and aft. Are you using the Nova mounts to do that or the stock 56 bellhousing mounts?

    If you want the engine in the stock location you can bolt a 55-57 bellhousing to a block and bolt it to the frame, then set the engine angle to determine where the side mounts should go. In that case you should leave the bellhousing mounts on the frame temporarily, then cut them off after you locate the engine.

    If you're going to use the Nova side mounts, you don't need the bellhousing mounts to cut them off. I believe those Nova's used the "short/wide" engine mounts. They also make "narrow and tall" ones. It depends in what your frame clip will accept more than anything.

    The engine should be set at 4 degrees down in the rear, regardless of how you locate it fore and aft. I'd get the front mounts set first, then install the transmission crossmember you want to use. I'd weld the brackets to the frame, then bolt the crossmember to it.
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    I would use motor mounts intended for a 68-74 small block. Steering box shouldn't be an issue. Mount the engine/trans of choice to the front engine mounts, then figure out where the transmission crossmember needs to be. There are a number of kits around, most are universal and come in 3-4 pieces that allows you to determine where it goes, you'll probably have to narrow the crossmember some, the frame portion can usually be bolted in place and welded later when you finalize your installation. Actually pretty simple deal.

    Here's one from Speedway:


    You can even download and read the PDF instructions for it.
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    On a 68-74 Nova front stub frame, there are what most call "engine stands". This is a bolt on bracket that goes between the crossmember and rubber/metal "motor mount". There are two versions of "engine stands", one is for small block engines, and the other is for big blocks. Using the small block version of both parts locates the engine as it was on the Nova. What you don't know is where that puts the engine relative to a trifive body and frame. I would get those parts and do a mockup to see how the engine fits, especially fore/aft. You could modify where the "engine stand" sits on the crossmember if you need to adjust. You could even alter the engine height if you needed to with spacers or by doing some cutting and welding.

    Did the car have an engine in it when you got it? Or ever have an engine in it with that frame stub?


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