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Thread: Floor shift installation

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    Update: Regarding fitting the Borg Warner T-85 N 3-speed with R-11 overdrive from '66 Ford truck to my '57 Chevy bellhousing...... I have come up with a Plan A and a Plan B.

    Plan A......

    I managed to score an empty '62 Pontiac T-85 gear case from a guy on e-Bay...... The one in the foreground in this pic......

    The Pontiac T-85 (non-OD version) was used in the early '60s Super Duty cars when the T-10 4-speed wasn't ordered as an option. Like the Ford passenger car T-85s with OD of those years, the Pontiac passenger car T-85 (non-OD) input shaft had 19 teeth. So you could substitute the Pontiac gear case, input shaft and front bearing retainer when rebuilding the Ford T-85 OD tranny and it would bolt right up to a GM bellhousing (I did this back in '72 - '73...... Worked great, only had to drill 1 hole in rear of non-OD gear case).

    Unfortunately, the T-85 Ford truck version I have this time 'round has different gear ratios with a lower 1st gear and a 20-tooth input shaft. (And I was unable to locate the matching Pontiac T-85 front bearing retainer this time). So I picked up a NOS 20-tooth input shaft and bearing retainer for an early GM T-10 4-speed and will see if they will work. Won't know for sure until I have the Ford T-85 OD tranny apart and can measure and eyeball the Ford truck T-85 and GM T-10 input shafts and front bearing retainers side by side.

    Plan B......

    If GM T-10 input shaft and front bearing retainer won't interchange with Ford truck T-85 pieces...... Will retain Ford input shaft and take Ford front bearing retainer to a good machine shop and have flange and neck of bearing retainer turned down to GM dimensions. In this case, the Ford truck T-85 has a 1-1/16" dia. 10-spline input shaft (takes same clutch disc as Ford top-loader) and is actually a bit shorter than a GM input shaft. So will need to have a machine shop make a bronze pilot bushing having GM OD and Ford ID and make it longer than standard pilot bushing to make up for shorter Ford input shaft. If I have to go this route, will need to trial fit GM bellhousing and flywheel to my engine along with an old Ford clutch disc and the modified Ford T-85 to measure just how long pilot bearing needs to be and verify full engagement of clutch disc on input shaft splines.

    I'll let you know how it works out. Am helping youngest son with engine for his Camaro this Winter and should be back on T-85 transmission project this Spring.

    Happy Motoring,


    P.S. >>> For anyone wanting to do this conversion...... If you can locate a Lakewood scattershield that will fit a Ford toploader tranny behind your engine, that should work...... If you have the '65 - '71 Ford T-85 N truck transmission as I do. In addition to the shorter, smaller diameter input shaft I have...... there were at least 2 longer input shafts and 2 different (larger) diameter input shafts used in the Ford T-85 transmissions over the years.
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