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Thread: Howdy

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    My name is Curt and Im a Tri-Five-aholic. I haven't been right since I bought my 57 BelAir about 4 years ago and Im OK with that. Life's too short to not experience owning and driving a Tri-Five Chevy. I found it at an auction where I came with NO intention to buy a car but I was overtaken by the force. It turned out to be a crazy day, even my wife was enthusiastic when she saw it. Its never had a full restoration and the one that was done happened many years back. Engine still has a Gen with the PS pump on the back.
    I don't think the whole "frame off" thing is for me, I like driving it too much. Im hoping to get new suspension, brakes and motor in it this winter so l'll be lookin for all kinds of advice and lurking around. Lookin forward to chatting with all of you.

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    Welcome Curtb,

    We're glad to have you here, we are anxious to see some photos of your fabulous ride..
    Tell us a little about yourself while you're at it....?


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    Welcome Curt. Mine also had the p/s pump back there but I changed the motor to a big block and that got changed also. No real need to change it if it's working and you aren't adding a bunch of power sucking electrical accessories. Sounds like you have a busy winter coming!

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    hi Curt and welcome. good to have you here. congrats, have fun with it.
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    drive and enjoy them while you work on them, life is to short.

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    Welcome to the site Curt. If you're going to add any electrical upgrades at all, I would ditch the generator and upgrade to an alternator and new wiring harness. Those 60 year old wires get brittle and some of the stock wiring in these cars is sub-standard as designed. If you drive the car a lot, good lights, brakes, and steering are a must. Post some pics when you get a chance.
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    Welcome Curtb. We're all here to help out when we can. One of the best things you can do next is to figure out how to post pictures. Pics and links to video say a thousand words, and can help us help you troubleshoot.
    Try it...not that hard. See those icons just above where you type? Scroll over them till you find the one called "Insert Image" and then click it and follow the prompts. Once you've done this successfully once, it's easy thereafter.
    Start by posting a pic of your car in this thread.

    Great to have you here!
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