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Thread: Track times

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    That sounds easier and more accurate than measuring the clay on the piston when I put it together. I forget, what is considered a safe clearance?

    I have an order from Summit that is at about $70. (including the springs) Need something else to get the free shipping and a $10 off special.

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    Safe clearance on a street engine is .080-.100" on the intake, and .100-.120" on the exhaust. On a race engine with bushed lifter bores, accurate machining, etc. you can run as low as .055-.060" on the intake and .075-.080" on the exhaust. But you must check every valve/every piston and be diligent about valve springs. When everything is run this close, a new engine must have the heads removed after the first few dyno pulls or runs down the track to look for traces of anything hitting.

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