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Thread: Hello from Henk56

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    Hello from Henk56

    I’ve had my windowed 56 Sedan Delivery since high school.... spring of 1970
    It started out as a Forestry Vehicle, I purchased it for $350. Drove it to College and learned to work on it myself. I changed it from 6cyl three spd on the “tree” to several different v8s and four speeds, later a 70s paint job, and Interior changes.
    I parked it in 1980, moved it to various garages over the years always saying I would get back to getting it on the road again. Now after being retired for four years I finally got busy getting it running again after 38years. I drained and flushed the fuel tank, replaced the electric fuel pump and fuel hoses put some premium fuel in the tank. replaced the radiator and hoses. Lubed the cylinders and cranked the engine over by hand. Changed the oil and filter installed new plugs and a battery. To my amazement it fired up with the old Holley. It had a leaking water pump so I replaced that and took care of a leaking header gasket.
    Now after new brake lines, brakes ,cylinders and master cylinder I’ve got it back on the road again! As soon as I figure out how to post some pictures I will post some!

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    Welcome to the site! Seems like lots of us bought our tri5s in the late 60's or early 70's.
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    hi Henk and welcome. good to have you here. neat to have it all these years.
    ARMY NAM VET, very proud!

    56 210 4dr

    drive and enjoy them while you work on them, life is to short.

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    Welcome Henk! I can't wait to see some pix... I love the windowed deliveries! (I'm curious where you lived when you found the forestry vehicle??)

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    Welcome Henk. That's a great story. Glad to see another wagon hitting the road soon.
    Post some pics. And throw your questions out there for us to help, via one of the various sub forum topics.
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