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Thread: Hello, here looking for 1955 Bel Air info VC55F2392##

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    Hello, here looking for 1955 Bel Air info VC55F2392##

    I have been tasked with looking for my Dad's 1955 Bel Air he purchased new in September, 21st 1955 (Have Statement of Sale), here in Michigan.

    Have some questions.
    1) On the Model number 2454-8, what's the -8?
    2) 0392402 F55GL : Sequence number Flint, MI, 265 ci, 4 Barrel, Manual Trans
    3) VC55F2392## : Is there a good way to check if the car exist still or any records? It would seem there isn't much record keeping before 1980 at DVM's

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    Welcome to the site.

    The problem with finding out anything from registration and title records is that they are only accessible to law enforcement and DMV people. So you need insider help and they will be violating job policies and maybe breaking the law.

    I have no idea what the -8 behind the model number is. May mean a V8, and that's reflected in the VIN. 2454 wouldn't have appeared on the VIN tag or cowl tag. The cowl tag would have read 1037D.
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    hi and welcome. good to have you here. what happened to it after he bought it? will be almost impossible because of all privacy laws, good luck.
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