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Thread: Just back from Cruising the Coast 2018!

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    Just back from Cruising the Coast 2018!

    Wife and I took the 56 Nomad to Biloxi, MS for 'Cruisin the Coast' last Wednesday, back today... around 900 miles round trip! I'm exhausted and can't hold my eyes open! We've been going to this show most years since it began around 20 years ago, but with the changes to the process... the increased numbers of sites.. the greatly increased numbers of cars... and the TRAFFIC... This year may be my last. 8870 cars registered last time I heard and probably twice that many cars in attendance NOT registered. They are now prohibiting non-registered cars from driving into the sites, and a $90 registration fee... 1 mile on hwy 90 on Thursday morning took me 1 hr.. many cars pulled over from overheating! (temps were about 10 F above normal this year! as they are here at home. This is the farthest I've driven the 56 Nomad to a show; only problem I had was with low idle/low alternating current at idle stuck in traffic, and with the AC running the alternator couldn't keep up, so I had to keep the engine revved a bit to run the AC and keep bat volt up.

    This show was recently named/voted the BEST Car SHOW in the US, but IMO, it's reached it's limit... TOO many cars.. TOO much traffic...

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    Last minute we decided to go Saturday morning. My 55 isn't ready yet but wanted to check out the swap meet sadly it's turned into a flea market / as seen on tv sales site. Very disappointed so much crap and garbage inside for sale. Should open the inside for the car part vendors.


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