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Thread: Not about power steering

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    We (son and I) tried it. Swapped knuckles side to side and modified them. It worked quite well except turning radius was reduced too much because of the angle of the steering arms, just not enough throw. Would have had to push the rack back into the front crossmember and raised it somewhat to get it right - I still think about trying it again. Makes the connection to the steering column fairly simple and no interference for headers. If we had done that we probably would have had some billet knuckles made - just something about welded knuckles. Before trying this, we found 5 different guys that had also done the same conversion - most of them used much longer custom made knuckles. I believe all were street driven but one - it was a drag car.

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    Finally !!! And a big thank you for the pics - that helps a ton. What I want to do is basically the same but I want to cut out the middle part of the crossmember so that the R&P can move back some. If you can, check out an episode on PowerNation - https://www.powernationtv.com/episod...front-end-mods. The work shown is on a Camaro clip but the ideas are the same. I don't need bumper mounts so I can remove the stock ones but I will have to put something out there to hang the front of the glass front end on.

    Thanks again!

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