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Thread: Cold air intake

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    Cold air intake

    I'm looking for a col air intake setup for a LS 2 using a standard computer programme
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    That's a pretty tight turn to have to make. About the only choice is to go straight L/R into the fender well. I'm going to eventually have the same issue, and makes me try and think of ways to get the top of the radiator, and support a little more forward. It is definitely an issue trying to come up with a better setup than an oil bath air cleaner on these cars.

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    I have a wide radiator like yours and that means the filler panels are too narrow for a cold air intake to go through them. Mine is an LS3 and the MAF must go in a certain location with a straight run which complicates things.

    Search the site and see what trifiverichard did. He built an airbox to go under the passenger fender. He has a 56 and there's a bit more room for it than on a 55. I have a 55 and am building my own version. The 56 has more front overhang and this makes a 56 easier than a 55. Trifiverichard's airbox has its inlet on the inner fender in front of the radiator support. You can't do this on a 55, there's not enough room. So mine has the inlet under the fender.

    Another way to do it, and very slick but also difficult, is the way a guy on the other site did it. He built an airbox with a panel filter to go under his radiator, picking up air at the bottom of the splash pan. Then looped from the airbox horizontally to the inner fender, followed the inner fender at an angle maybe 15° to vertical, and then horizontal to the throttle body. Very slick and very difficult to fit and fab. I gave some thought to doing that but my radiator configuration among other things made me abandon that. If you want to search at trifive.com the guy's screen name is racsanxxx. xxx meaning I don't remember the rest.


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