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Thread: Looking For Good Rebuilder of Standard Transmissions & Rearends (within driving distance of Houston)

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma57 View Post
    So the plan is to rebuild the T-85 OD Ford truck transmission and when reassembling it, to use the Pontiac T-85 non-OD gear case along with the input shaft and front bearing retainer from an early GM version T-10 to fit it up to my Chevy bellhousing. The T-10 4-speed was developed from the T-85 3-speed and shares many internal parts. The GM T-10 input shaft I have here has same tooth count as the Ford truck T-85 input shaft, so I am hoping it will interchange, but won't know for sure until transmission is disassembled and I can lay both input shafts side by side and measure them. If I recall correctly, 1 additional hole must be drilled in the rear of the non-OD T-85 gear case to fit the OD unit behind it.

    Anyway, that's 'Plan A.' If the GM T-10 input shaft won't work in my T-85, 'Plan B.' will involve utilizing the Ford input shaft and some machine work to shorten and turn down Ford front bearing retainer to GM spec. And machining a pilot bushing having GM OD, Ford ID and being a bit longer than standard GM pilot bearing.
    Or you could just buy a Tremec TKO and bolt it in. Sounds to me like your plan is a huge hassle for little gain but I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish.
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    Its an old school build done on a budget, Laszlo. My '57 has a 3-speed on the column at present. I want a stronger manual transmission and want to add overdrive as well. I will be gearing the car and camming the engine to cruise at highway speeds whilst turning lower RPMs similar to newer cars. Will also do some light towing on occasion.

    Initially, I had hoped to retain my bench seat and work out a way to rebuild and adapt my stock column shift linkage to work with the T-85 as well (and no holes in transmission tunnel for shifter).

    However, at this point, I have decided that if I must work up a floor shift for the T-85 it will be worth the hassle and I will see if I can do it in such a way as to retain my bench seat.

    Your point regarding the TKO 600 is well taken. They are around $2,600 new. With some upgrades they can be beefed up to match the T-85 in strength. I know of one for sale in California that is still new in box. Was tricked out for road racing and added strength by Liberty Gear (gears hard face-plated, shot-peened and cryo treated, road race 5th gear, bronze shift pads, shift linkage upgrade, threaded cluster bearing support, and a Pro5.0 shifter). Cost $3,400 in 2015 and that was a deal..... Same tranny with these upgrades costs much more now. Owner went a different route and will let it go for $3,000 plus shipping.

    As for my T-85 Ford truck transmission...... I have $500 in it including shipping + another $275 for a bare T-85 non-OD gear case from an early '60s Pontiac Super Duty car, NOS early year T-10 4-speed input shaft with same tooth count as T-85 Ford truck trans and matching GM front bearing retainer to adapt the Ford transmission to fit my '57 Chevy bellhousing. And a NOS 31-spline Ford transmission yoke that accepts same u-joint as Chevy.

    As long as I don't run into any unforeseen parts replacement when I have tranny apart for freshening up and conversion to fit GM bellhousing...... Gaskets and seals should be another $125 or so. I am working with Mac over at VanPelt Sales to source gaskets, seals, synchros, bearings and other parts for the rebuild. Should be able to have tranny ready to go for $900 to $1,000 including original purchase price if all goes well.

    If I convert it to floor shift, I'll have another $250 or so in it, as I will run a NOS Hurst Synchro-Lok shifter I scored a few months ago and make my own mounting bracket and shifter rods to work with the T-85 OD trans. Will need to mount shifter mechanism forward a bit and higher than usual mounting location so shifter rods will clear overdrive solenoid and shift lever will clear my bench seat. Rods will be shorter than most and I will use small heim joints at the ends.

    Happy Motoring,

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