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Thread: Mattis resigning!

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    Trump always said that he was going to be unpredictable. I'll take the bad with the good from Trump, because I'd MUCH rather have him in the White House than Hillary or any other Washington establishment type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick_L View Post
    Since the news first broke, and the initial posts were made, I heard some comments that Mattis was far more an establishment, swamp guy than I had realized. Which takes the edge off this for me.

    Let's face it, you don't get to be one of the top 5 or 10 generals/admirals prior to being named Secretary of Defense without bowing to the swamp people to some degree. So it's kind of built in. And don't forget, Obama went through at least 3 heads of the Defense Dept. too. He had the opposite problem, finding military people for a regime that wanted to destroy the military.

    Which leads to one of Trump's dilemmas, you have to have qualifications to be confirmed/hired for many high gov't jobs. You get the OJT to get the qualifications by working with the swamp. Lots of ex-Bush guys in higher up positions (both from GW and GHW) now. They are the only ones with experience and qualifications that lean Republican at all. The Reagan guys are retired or dead for the most part.

    Even Kavanaugh is a "Bushy".
    My thoughts exactly. Might add that advisors are just that...... Advisors. They state their opinions and give council. But when all is said and done the President is the one who must decide what he will do. And he has.

    Mattis to his credit is stepping down because as he correctly noted...... The President deserves advisors who share his vision.

    Of course, the anti-Trumpers be they RINO, Democrat or left-biased media propagandists...... Will use Mattis' departure as a reason to criticize the President...... But they will do that no matter what he does.

    So it all comes down to this...... What kind of President does our nation need right now...... Another wimbly wombly 'establishment' politician who holds his finger up to see which way the political wind is blowing before saying or doing anything..... Or someone who is willing to put America's best interests ahead of any political party's...... Including his own...... And come out swinging when his detractors continue to attack him and his family ad nauseum? Me...... I'll take the latter.

    Bottom line...... This President has done more good over the time he has been in office than any other President during my lifetime. And he has been attacked for it every step of the way by both Democrats and 'establishment' Republicans alike.

    So every time our family see him attacked unfairly, we support him all the more...... And yes...... We give him latitude with his comments on social media. I don't do social media myself...... But I can understand why he would use that platform to communicate directly with the American people...... Its the only way to get the unfiltered truth out as he sees it....... Given the fact that the media propagandists are so obviously and I might add...... Viciously...... Partisan anti-Trumpers.

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