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Thread: Progress on Projects?

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    So on the 55 Handyman wagon;

    I installed a set of Specialty Power Windows (excellent kit)
    Rebuilt vent windows
    Stripped and repainted front garnish moldings and installed new fuzzies and window channels from Repops (average kit)
    Stripped liftgate and welded up a few holes
    Installed tailgate

    but the big project is interior.

    I called a fairly well known company and got quotes on door panels- $1400 cut your own holes
    Called a local company about re-doing rear seat $800
    Quote on headliner - $1200
    Didnt even ask about front seats

    So decided to make my own and bought this;


    A Consew 206RB-4. A tough machine and a staple of the upholstery trade. And since the guy was closing his home shop it came with a compressor, air staplers, thread, needles, fabric and too much other stuff to list. Total price $800.

    So I will be making everything myself, and even buying the carpet by the roll, custom cutting and then binding. This machine can handle it.

    Of course I have never sewed



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    Y'all are really making good progress on your projects! Huge thumbs up and thanks for sharing! When I'm achy and tired or having trouble working through a particular problem with my own projects, I find that sometimes its good to step back from them, regroup and get some inspiration from what others are doing.

    I'll have to get busy on my '57 after we have my son's engine together and moved to his garage. Wife reminds me from time to time that I need to get the '57 roadworthy before I'm too old to drive it.

    Had a chance to give the split manifolds I brazed up for my inline 6 a thorough inspection this morning. They should work fine. Just need to put some elbow grease into cleaning up the areas where I worked on them and drill and tap new holes for studs that cinch up the exhaust pipes.

    Buster, our family will keep y'all in our thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery for your wife following her surgery.

    Best regards to all,

    'G-d Bless The U.S.A.'...... Lee Greenwood......


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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma57 View Post
    I need to get the '57 roadworthy before I'm too old to drive it.
    I'm beginning to feel the same way
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