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Thread: Progress on Projects?

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    Progress on Projects?

    Just wondering how y'all are coming along with your projects. Me...... I did make some progress Tuesday. Found a shop where the foreman let me use their torch and I gutted a couple of new 2-1/2" big block heat risers and brazed them to my Langdon split exhaust manifolds using Albro flux and yellow brass rod. Last time I brazed cast-iron was back in 1977. Felt good to get back in the saddle again.

    Other than that, I have been collecting parts for my '57 whilst helping my youngest son get his engine and transmission ready for his Camaro. We should have enough of it together to move it from my garage North of Houston to his garage up in College Station over the next couple of months.

    His short block has been sitting in my garage since he was in the Navy (over 20 years now). We have just recently got the heads and intake he will run along with most of the small parts (valve gear, head bolts, gaskets and seals).

    I'm not going to tell you what carburettor he will be running except to say that it isn't a Q-jet, a Holley, a Carter, an Edelbrock 'Carter clone' or a Street Demon (now made by Holley). Teaser...... It has annular boosters and was original to an American built car that was only made for 3 years. Excellent design and if kept clean and freshened up with new gaskets every 15 years or so, is trouble free and will likely run forever.

    * What have y'all been working on lately?

    Happy Motoring,

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    I've started working on my 454 for my 71 pickup, and was making great progress over the weekend, then on Monday, I turned on my compressor and it locked up. Ordering an new compressor and will get it installed and back to work...........but, my wife is scheduled for surgery Monday to remove a tumor from her lung, so I'll be taking care of her for a while, Dr says probably 2 weeks. By then, the compressor should be here and I'll get back to work.

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    I've been slowly trying to make front body mounts off the firewall since May, and still looking at it more than working on it. It's turning out to be harder than it looks to make, but seems like an important structural part of the chassis/body. Fabricated 14 pieces together so far, and probably 15 more to go. Plus I always seem to find another distraction. Squirrel!
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    Working on assembling my Nomad after paint. Building it was a lot more fun.

    Also working on modifying an Art Morrison frame for a '59 Corvette. My customer (my interior guy) ordered it without a rearend installed and we're narrowing the rear frame rails from the crossmember back, and installing a 4" narrowed C4 IRS. The front is C5/6 and Morrison's IRS is insanely expensive, plus he had a couple of C4 Dana 44s laying around. He also wants us to re-do the tranny mount.

    Also have a C4 frame to build for a 55 in Iowa and a C4 front clip for a guy in Florida. Plus I'm out of seat mounts again and have to build more.
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    Here is where I'm at with my '57 210 build, as of 10 minutes ago. The body is on the rotisserie in the background, under the car cover. I'm working on connecting (and custom fitting) the harness to the engine. I'm currently focused on doing what is needed to fire up and run the crate LS3/480 for the first time.

    Dave, from the old neighborhood in Jersey!

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    Well my project '55 2drht is in the ordering and gathering state. Unfortunately I have no talent in the money part of the build so I,m limited. I finished the engine and tranny 1 1/2 years ago. I purchased 80% of the new wiring harness just a few small sections to go. I picked up the front disk brake system w/ power booster. I just ordered the correct master cylinder, hoses, proportioning valve, aluminum radiator and shroud, all new Moog front end rebuild parts, a two inch rear lowering kit, a side mount engine mount kit, and my favorite Stewart Warner green stripe gauges. I also bought a 15" leather wrap steering wheel and a stereo!

    My next step will be to add all of this stuff and drive it to make sure everything is right, then tear it down to clean and paint the drive train, chassis, and under carriage. Once that's done interior. Lastly the paint!! I plan to do most of the work my self same as I did on the restoration I did over twenty years ago. I can't wait!!

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    I am currently color sanding my wife's '56 getting the paint ready to buff out. I have been ordering parts to put it back together. I ordered all the rubber bumpers, seals, gaskets and weather strips. I received the 500 steering box and installed it. I'm expecting the new steering column any day now. Soon the car is going to start going back together.

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    I got my 57 Nomad/LS1/T56 moved into its new garage a couple weeks ago. Started it up on Monday and let it idle for 30 minutes, to burn off header paint, power steering leak residue, etc.
    Found a coolant leak in the heater line connection to the water pump (fixed)
    Found a power steering leak in the line connection to the cooling tank (fixed)
    Figured out the tach and water temp gauges (to the new digital gauge setup) aren't working. Need to troubleshoot.
    Found that it would idle for about a minute, then "starve" of oxygen...until I blipped the throttle and it would run fine..then do it all over again. Found a defective Idle Air Control valve not working...have another one on order to swap it out and try it again.

    Believe it or not...this is progress for me.
    1957 Nomad- LS1/T56 on C4 chassis
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    Working on a hidden hinge mod for the 56 nomad. Although it works as is Iím not happy with a few things. Prolly being too picky. Gonna see if I can move the pin location to fix it. No time to work on it , too much madmooks
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    Michael, How about a 'kit' which hides the hinges on a Nomad, and also powers the liftgate glass into the tailgate!~

    THere would be a big market in anything which allows elimination of the liftgate leaks!

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