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Thread: Internet Service Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabasco View Post
    I looked into Hughsnet satellite internet but it has data limits. I recently saw a commercial for Viasat Satellite Internet (formerly Exede Internet), with no data limit on some plans. I don't know anything about Viasat. I was wondering if anyone on here knows if Viasat is a good service or one to stay away from?
    What are you currently using that's so bad? Have you talked to them about the problem?

    What is the data limit for these plans? I have a 150GB per month limit, then I pay $3.50 for each 10 GB over that unless I upgrade. I have never paid anything for going over, but I have used over 95% of my plan some months....and I spend a lot of time on the internet but don't stream movies. If you don't use internet to watch TV or play games, 150GB should be plenty for most people.
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    The only thing available where I live it line of sight towers and satellite. The company I use was good when I first started with them 7 years ago. So many new families have moved out here since then and that causes service further away from the tower to suffer. The last time a tech came out one day and he and his supervisor came out the next day. Still couldn't improve my service. I am 8 miles from the tower. They said they don't sell service to anyone over 5 miles now. They said there is nothing else they can do for me and there is no need for me to call them again. I have called 3 other companies, they go up on my roof and then tell me there is no signal.

    I guess I need to figure out how much data I need for my next choice on a provider.

    Thanks for all the replies.

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    Use link to find nearest AT&T cell tower:


    If your are within seven miles of an AT&T tower you can get a AT&T hotspot with 50 gig of data per month and it cost about $60 per month. Equipment setup cost $200.
    Other provider may have the same thing.
    No line of sight needed since it uses cell towers.

    Other cell towers:


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    Does an "AT&T hotspot" have better reception than a phone? I recently had to fire AT&T because my phone wouldn't reliably work at home (dropped calls, slow/no downloads), and I'm a lot closer than 8 miles to the cell tower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick_L View Post
    Does an "AT&T hotspot" have better reception than a phone? I recently had to fire AT&T because my phone wouldn't reliably work at home (dropped calls, slow/no downloads), and I'm a lot closer than 8 miles to the cell tower.
    Same as a phone. And I know what you mean about no DSL, all that is available over phone lines here is dial up and even that is about 1/4 maximum dial up speed whatever that is. (I tried it when I first moved here)
    And cable was about 1000 feet from me and they wanted me to pay over $1000 for them to run the cable to my house. Since then the closest house burnt down and didn't rebuild, so now I'm over 1/4 mile from were they stopped the cable.
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