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Thread: Tri 5 Chevy club

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    Tri 5 Chevy club

    My wife and I have a custom 1955 Chevy how well are custom cars accepted.made mistake several years ago went to Good Guys car show treated like crap never do them again.l just don't want to register and take a vacation and be treated bad.

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    You might want to rethink being on the internet. Just sayin'.
    Dave, from the old neighborhood in Jersey!

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    You didn't say how custom your car is. Some Trifive owners think you can change engine, transmission, frame, rear, end housing, interior, wheels, tires, paint and a dozen other things and that is fine. But put changing any part of the body is frowned upon. I never quite understood that.

    There are a lot of different styles of car at the The American Tri-Five Association Nationals. You might want to look at some youtube videos of the AFTA Nationals and see what kind of cars are there.

    I sure would like to see a picture of your custom '55. Was it done recently or in the past?

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    Welcome aboard! I'd love to see your car!!!! What "Club" are you thinking of joining? Is it local to you?

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    Mine is only going to look it was a 55 Chevy at one point in time, long ago.
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    hi Wayne and welcome. good to have you here. got any pics, curious.
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