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Thread: How far can one move a Big Block forward so you can leave fire wall stock in a 55 Chevy

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    How far can one move a Big Block forward so you can leave fire wall stock in a 55 Chevy

    Have a Question for the Brains on this site

    How far can one move a Big Block Chevy forward so it Clears the fire wall without cutting it ?

    is there a special oil Pan one needs to used ?

    The Guy mocking up my motor says it will fit without cutting the fire wall

    I think it will need a slug hammer

    Thanks Sid
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    Here's what I know. Stock location will require major firewall mods and maybe even oil pan mods. 3/4" forward will require minor mods and oil pan mods. But there are oil pans you can buy that will fit (Milodon). 1"+ forward reduces firewall stuff but requires even bigger notch in the oil pan. Looks like with the blower you're challenged at the front.

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    The type of steering you have will be the deciding factor.
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    Cnut says 1.5 in past threads and I agree that the minimum without a BFH. I went 2.25 and its easy to get V/C off, Ecklers sells the kit for 2.25. I think 1.5s are homemade as I have not seen them advertised. As far as pans go I have 2 nice notched ones for sale and one of the other style that is cutoff in front. I believe they are all Moroso. At 3/4 forward I would have had firewall issues and carb clearance issues with tunnel ram
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