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Thread: AGM battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by 55mike View Post
    Although MIM, I still buy Optima's. Never had an issue with Optima MIM or not. I found Amazon to be the best deal, but, they've doubled in price. Aszclowns.
    What about the new Optima’s made in Mexico, do you have the same opinion. Since being made in Mexico the price has gone up............wrong direction, should have gone down. That’s one of the reasons I’m looking only at USA made stuff. Thank for response.

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    Summit has AC Delco AGM batteries for $142-162 depending on case size. Most are 800-900 CA. I don't know where they are made or if they have a decent rep.

    Long thread on the other site a few months back saying that Interstate/Optima is enforcing a minimum advertised pricing policy. In other words to be a dealer you have to agree not to advertise it below the price they set. That's why prices vary so little.

    As for made in Mexico, they take all of the difference in cost, none goes to the customer or retailer. It's called capitalism.

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    I agree... and I make a huge effort to buy American as well. This said, I've had no issue with an Optima that I bought about 4 yrs ago (MIM).

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