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Thread: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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    Unless you count my 56 in folks garage in the 70s no, Dad is gone and I still have three of his cars at my house.

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    Back in the early 70s I was guilty of hogging a friend's garage space. I had bought a 67 Camaro to make into a drag race car, and it was pretty rough. I was living in an apartment and didn't have a lot of extra cash. As I recall we never had an agreement on when I'd get out, nor did I say when I would. I'd go over there and work on the car pretty regularly but of course everything took longer than first expected, and I was doing body work too so was making a mess. I was never directly told to get out. I eventually did get out, but after that our friendship went away.

    Moral of this looking back. If it's your space, you have to be direct about getting your friend's car out, and be persistent. From my perspective, I appreciated the use of the space but didn't do much to reciprocate.

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    Thinking more about my using other's shop/tools... From Aug 1971 until late May 1972 I had my '53 Henry J in an UNCLE's shop, left the car there while I removed the body from the frame, cleaned/painted the frame and under the body, changed out two engines during that time going from 283-2bbl PG to a 302+030 with Muncie 4 speed, I welded up the headers, rebuilt the (57 chev) rear end, rebuilt the king pins on the 41 Ford front axle, etc.. etc. Using Uncle's tools all that time with Uncles' assistance whenever I needed it. Was a great 'learning' time for me in my auto education... and didn't cost me a penny! Of course, Uncle was only paying me about $150/month for my full time(+) work, sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays!

    ... that Uncle was UNCLE SAM, and I was using the Keesler AFB auto hobby shop and tools...
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