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Thread: How many hours to replace a floor?

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    A new installed floor sure changes the appearance of most of our old trifives!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaNomad View Post
    A new installed floor sure changes the appearance of most of our old trifives!
    I'm of the opinion that no matter how good your floor looks, if there's any rust it's probably rusted out a lot more on a 60+ year old car. Steve's floor looked pretty good for the most part. There were pinholes in it which is what caused me to recommend replacement. As I took the floor out, I found a lot more rust that wasn't visible. The insides of the braces are bare.....they're rusty. Under the a-pillar brace were rust holes and the remaining metal was thin and almost all gone. Beside the rear seats and under the seat there was a lot of pitting, which was close to popping through.

    I think replacing just the floor pans is foolish, especially when you consider all the welding required to do it right. Overlapping and filling with bondo or seam sealer isn't "right" to me. And that doesn't address the rest of the rust that's surely hiding.

    With full floors so cheap, it's the only way I would address a rusty floor. When installed, you get new inner rockers and even the braces have primer inside of them. They'll last your lifetime.....or more.
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    It's going to look great. It's just too bad it's one of those things that just get covered in carpet never to be seen again.

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